Coaching Packages

Coaching Programs


Level 1 Coaching Programs

Level 1
Coaching Programs

Quick Fix ($85)

1, 45 minute session w/ your coach

*Recommended for established clients


A quick fix may be just what you need if you need someone to talk to, fast. We can accomplish a lot in one session or the session can be used as a “meet and greet” to get to know one of our coaches.

Popular topics for a Quick Fix:

  • Relationship Struggles
  • School Stress
  • Venting, so you can let it go and move on
  • Interview Crash Course
  • Talk about life with a trusted confidant
  • A pep talk, or a voice of reason

Level 1 Coaching Programs

Level 2
Coaching Programs

Problem Solver ($320)

4, 45-minute sessions w/ your coach

*Most popular choice
*Great for new clients. Get the results you need, fast.


Maybe you need more than a quick fix. The “Problem Solver” works great if you are committed to making a change in your life. Spread your sessions out over the course of a month, or use them all in one week, it’s up to you. Your coach can help you with whatever challenges you are facing right now.

Popular topics for a Problem Solver:

  • Tips for managing anxiety (social or otherwise)
  • Getting over a break-up, or moving on from past relationships
  • Finding a new circle of friends
  • Gaining clarity on your future (goals, dreams, career, etc)
  • Improving Self Confidence
  • Managing stress

Level 3 Coaching Programs

Level 3
Coaching Programs

Life Reimagined ($460)

6, 45-minute sessions with your coach, FREE gift (you’ll love it, trust us), an individualized success plan so that you can keep making progress even once your 6 sessions are over

*Best value


Do you ever dream of a total life transformation (At Girl Reimagined, we call this a TLT)? Maybe you woke up one day and thought, “how did I get here?” or, “this isn’t what I imagined.” Whatever happened, wherever you are in your journey, we believe you have exactly what it takes to make the changes you dream of and we would love to help you get the life of your dreams.

  • Individual Success Plan (Goal Setting)
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Free gift to inspire you along the way