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About Girl Reimagined

Online Life Coaching for Girls and Young Women

Thank you for visiting Girl Reimagined. Every girl deserves to have a trusted mentor in their lives, someone who can keep a secret, will encourage you, and won’t judge you for your fears or mistakes. If you can get honest about what you want, we can help you get there. And with online life coaching, you can change your life from the comfort of home. No dream is too big, no adventure is too grand and no goal is out of reach. Life is too short to have fears and insecurities hold you back for a second longer.

Our Online Life Coaches

Girl Reimagined coaches have been through enough “stuff” to know that we don’t want you to have to do it alone. Our coaches are certified, but what makes us special is our belief that if we support one another then women will change the world. You might be surprised by the challenges we’ve conquered, the battles we’ve won and the lives that we’ve lived. Not one of us would be where we are today without an army of strong women behind us. Girl Reimagined is the army you’ve been waiting for. Most of all, there is nothing you could say or do that will change our minds about you. You have something exciting and unique to offer the world, and we would be honored to help you start living the life you are capable of.

So come on, don’t put it off a second longer. Whatever your dream is, we can help you get there. You have everything you need to be successful in life, we’ll prove it.



What Others Are Saying About Our Online Life Coaching

Working with Jamie has changed the way I think of myself and how I go about my daily life. One of the things she has taught me that sticks with me is that being smart is usually defined as your ability to comprehend something and have constant success, but being smart is actually about your ability to overcome challenges that you face and persevere in the face of obstacles. That is what it means to be smart. Not enough people are able to have that mindset but I think if they could, we could change the world and how we live our lives.
Piper, 14 years old

Coaching isn’t like counseling, it’s a lot better. You have someone that you can tell anything to, in a situation where there is no judgment. It’s really a place where you can let everything go. My coach has become a role model to me. It’s nice to have someone to look up to who isn’t famous, but someone you actually have a connection with.
Ellen, 21 years old

Working with Jamie has helped me to become more confident in myself and my school work. She has also helped me develop better communication skills in my relationships.
Bailey, 19 years old

Working with Jamie has pulled me out of a dark place and she has given me the tools that I need to get my life back on track. I was never able to communicate with people the way that I need to and Jamie taught me how I can do that. I am now doing really good and am overall much happier with my life. The changes that needed to happen to my life were all inside of me and Jamie helped me figure out what those things were, and how to adjust them in a healthy way.
Peyton, 19 years old